Head Coach – James(American)

  • Masters Degree in Architecture
  • SkatePark Architect/Builder
  • Eagle Scout coach
  • Skateboard/Swim/Football Coach
  • 3 years in ICONX. Full of kids’ sports teaching experience, professional on a skateboard props equipment and buildings.

Head Coach – Matt(British)

  • Bachelor degree of linguistics and German
  • Master degree of Translation, Foreign International Relationship
  • 6 years experience in English teachers
  • 9 years of experience in ski instructor
  • Skateboard coach & skateboard lesson plan integrated editor
  • Love hiking climbing swimming surfing

What you will learn in the class:

Traffic, Flow, Safety, Progression and Theory; Pads On Correctly ; No Wheels – Bail Out; Transition – Riding and lots of advanced skills.

Safety Measures:

Every student needs to wear 187 Killer Pads that we will provide for them – The Top professional extreme sport gear of the world.

Suiting Up Suggestion:

Wear comfortable, convenient clothing which is suitable for sports. Skateboard Shoes Recommend Brands—Vans、Nike SB、DC 、Emerica and even Converse etc.

Every class starts with a warm up and finishes with a class review. Primary level has a test at the end for kids who would like advance to the next level.


Daily Planner