Pre-prep English

Through a range of activities, Pre-Prep English Academies will provide extra teaching for children to improve their English across speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Headed up by our Director of EAL, Rebecca Haley, the English Academy seeks to develop fluency in using English both for social and academic purposes.

The English Academy aims to develop proficiency in English across a range of competencies to develop young learners who are confident to talk, read, write and listen in an English learning environment

Whether children are learning English for the first time or already have a solid foundation and now need further challenge academically, your child will be developing their speaking, listening, reading and writing whilst enjoying their immersion in a fun curriculum.

Experience teaches us that children develop best through exploring creative and sensory learning opportunity. English Academy is staged to ensure that children progress form learning their first initial sounds and letters in English all the way through to reading and composing their own writing.

All English Academies have both an Intermediate and Beginner level so that pupils can learn in a supportive and focused environment.

Children can expect to cover topics that encourage them to be time detectives, space adventurers and global citizens whilst having a rigorous and carefully structured programme.

This program is for students across all our Wellington Schools as well as pupils wishing to expediate their English and Literacy learning as well as children from outside of the Welling family of schools, looking to develop their English further.

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English (for Beginner)
English (for Elementary)
Intensive English Language