Lego Duplo Mechanic

The Genius Workshop is proud to provide a unique LEGO-based educational curriculum focused on teaching kids the physics behind simple mechanics and engineering concepts found in our everyday lives. While we all know that cars use wheels to move, what does that really mean? How do axles figure into the picture? Instead of just showing by instruction, kids build actual working machines to help them understand the core processes going on behind the scenes!

Every class involves:

  • a quick introduction of the concept of the day (levers, gears, wind energy, vibration, and more – to grasp theory and relate the lesson to the world around us
  • technical hands-on building with special engineering-focused LEGO-branded pieces (not the same stuff dad and mom used as kids) to improve problem solving and critical thinking
  • review and practice with instructor-led challenges and fun games (Who can spin their top spin the longest? How can we modify it to function better?) so the lesson sinks deep into the minds of young builders and they use what was previously learnt to build their creative muscle

While the younger age group focuses on hand-strength and coordination thru building different models in LEGO DUPLO MECHANICS, the models get more complex for those in the older age group for LEGO SENIOR ENGINEERING. Classes will be based on the child’s age as appropriate. As a bonus, each successful student graduates with a Certificate of Completion at the end of each term to hang on their room at home and will take home… a surprise gift!

Learning thru play is at the core of our curriculum and as more and more research comes out from Europe and America proving the validity of this form of education as a way of creating LASTING learning and engagement in children, we look forward to giving every child the chance to rise above and continue their love of learning!

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