1.Brief introduction to Kyokushin Karate

Kyokushin Karate has been regarded as the strongest fighting Karate in the world. It emphasizes on the strength and conditioning training in martial arts to develop a full round fighter. There are many world famous Kyokushin Karate athletes including UFC champion George St Pierre, Kickboxing world champion Andy Hug and Nicolas Pettis.

Arguably the most popular martial arts training to kids and teenagers in the States and Europe, Karate not only offers kids a chance to build strong body and spirit, but also develop a strong sense of self discipline.

2.Benefits of training Kyokushin Karate for Kids:

  1. Goals
    Arguably having the most rigorous grading system, Kyokushin Karate requires averagely 5 years for kids to be promoted to be a black belt. The journey would be a very challenging but fulfilling to the kids by achieving their own goals in terms of belt grading and technique improvement.

The most valuable lesson that Karate training would teach to kids is self-discipline. Kids will experience challenges that are designed to strength their characters. They will also learn how to follow rules and respect time.

Encouraging kids and constantly giving them positive affirmations can be very healthy. Karate training will ensure a kid to believe in their ability to be successful. ‘Fighting’ through tough situations build a strong character and serves a major boost in confidence.

IV.Self Defence (Anti Bully)

Not only we teach kids proper Karate skills, but also we constantly mention concepts in how to avoid from conflicts and bullies. Kids will start to master effective and safe ways and skills in dealing with school bullies when necessary.

V.Respect and manners

In Karate, kids will learn about respect to their peers and authority. Also we will teach kids about what is good sportsmanship and the importance of winning and losing gracefully.

Karate is a very physically demanding sport that requires focus. Our trainers teach fundamental forms and test their mental strength to the max. There are lots of details in each movement which will keep the kids concentrating on following instructions during the whole session.

VII.Strength and conditioning
Though Karate may look not as ‘complex’ as other combat training. However, to throw a proper punch requires us to coordinate almost all the major muscle groups. During our training sessions we will also incorporate lots of physical training games those pro Karaters are doing every day. (Jumping ropes, Bag works, Running and shadow boxing)

VIII.Team work
In each training session, we pair up the kids to train. They would hold pads for each other and also drill different combos with the help from the training partners. We will also rotate the training partners in class and run lots of group activities in strength & conditioning training.

3.Safe Training:

Though training combat sports may sound ‘bit dangerous’ to some parents, OFit’s experienced coach team will ensure the safety of the kids in our sessions-

  1. Full warm-up and stretch sessions before training led by coach with specific expertise
  2. Ensure kids to have enough of hydration and breaks during the sessions
  3. Providing full proper protection gears and equipment
  4. Only light sparring with supervision will be arranged for kids over certain age

OFit kids instructing team consist of coaches not only with plenty of professional competing experience, but also with tens of years kids training experience. We will guarantee the best training experience possible in market for little warriors from Wellington.

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