French lessons for children shanghai

The best French lessons for children shanghai are at Wellington College Academy program. Children French Course focuses on French language learning and French cultural orientation which contain 5 dimensions of a foreign language learning system as Teaching through interest, Approaching by games, Reinforcing by nature, Motivating through songs and Consolidating in reading. With 100% of certificated French teachers and the original textbook, the French course gives a language skill to the children, and also a new view of the world.

French lessons for children shanghai

What are the best French lessons for children shanghai

Our aim is to make use of the world class facilities we have here in a Wellington campus. That way pupils do not have to leave the setting that their parents know. Parents trust in order to have access to all of the after school sports and activities they wish. We will teach to pupils by coaches and teachers with incredible experience and expertise. Many of our coaches and teachers have reached the pinnacle in their chosen fields . Therefore, we are proud that they can share their experience with Academy students.

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